Pollination Services

Pollination Services

Increasing your agricultural yield, via a targeted pollination plan alongside your cropping rotation and land use over successive years, is an excellent way to strengthen the productivity of your asset whilst supporting the environment and your business. 

A yield increase of 30% could be achieved with favourable conditions!

To take advantage of our Pollination Services, simply complete the form on this page and we shall contact you to discuss your requirements, and to arrange a booking.

What happens?Buzz buzz

  • Based on the information received, we will recommend the number of hives for optimal pollination of the crop.
  • A site visit to check for accessibility and suitability.
  • Place an order and we will invoice your business directly.
  • We will arrive with the hives, set them to work and maintain them throughout the service.
  • At the end of the flowering period the hives will be removed until the next flowering window or booking arises.
  • Bees are capable of stinging, so please remain a safe distance away from any hives on your land; do not attempt to inspect or interfere with the colonies.

Booking notice

We want to develop relationships with landowners and occupiers. Generally, a year’s notice of bookings is preferred so that we may plan our breeding cycle to provide you with the most productive colonies at exactly the right time. Yearly planning, reviews of our service and the effect on your yield present a long-term approach; we care about your business and want to support your success.