2022 Marked Meridian Queen Bees


All our colonies are headed by our coveted Meridian Queens.  Each year we select colonies displaying the finest characteristics and bring them together at a dedicated breeding apiary. From this stock, our queens are bred. Each queen is open-mated on the wing in an area flooded with drones from this favourable stock, marked according to year of birth and unclipped.

This means that our bees are bred to survive and thrive in the Cambridgeshire climate; perfect for any beekeepers in the county. Owing to several stolen bees in the post, collection is either in person from our home address, or by personal delivery (free within Cambridgeshire).

Each queen is caged with her own attendants and a fondant plug. Instructions on queen introduction will accompany each queen purchase.  If you are unsure of the re-queening process, then we can requeen your colony for you – please do get in touch if this is the case.

Optional 50% deposit or payment in full

Should you wish to secure your booking by paying 50% of the purchase price now, with the remaining 50% payable on collection, you can do so. Simply enter the coupon code “DEPOSIT” in the ‘apply coupon code’ field at checkout.

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